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Additive Spectrum is a HTC Vive game.

Each of the three coloured towers feed their colour into the central prism. If the colour of the prism goes too dark or the colour becomes unbalanced it's game over!

Enemies will try to destroy your walls, reducing how much colour the towers feed to the central prism. It is your job to protect and repair these walls to keep the prism balanced and bright.

It can be played at any play space size as it uses room scaling.

Made as part of the Rainbow Jam 2016 to support diversity in games.

How to play!

Destroy enemies by hitting them with your sword.

To teleport to a different tower, point at it with the teleporter and click the trackpad.

To repair the walls, pick up bricks with the triggers and place them in the gaps in the wall.

GamePlay Video

Developed by

Alan Yeats (@Gamereat) - Code, Design

Josh Hale (@JoshLHale) - Code, Design and Sound


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I think that this is a cool concept, but there are some frustrating elements of the current state.

  • starts off really hard - needs a difficulty ramp
  • it would be easy to make both hands perform all functions
  • many times destroying the enemies does not spawn a brick
  • many times, bricks fall into the abyss - make them gravitate onto the platform please!
I think these points, a scoreboard, and a little more polish would make this a simple but saleable game.

Thanks so much for your feedback! We've already started on implementing some of this and more so it will be interesting to hear your feedback on the v2 (: